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Decisions On Applications

Use the links below (arranged in decision week order) to see the decisions made on applications that Watchdog has commented on.

Click on the Outcome link to read the decision as sent to Watchdog.  In that notice is a link to the appropriate planning file, which has been reproduced as the Location column link.

For a very quick indication of the original Watchdog position we have added symbols:
 Yes = Support     Ugh = Objection     No symbol = General Comment.

Week Commencing 15th August 2021

Application Outcome Location
21/02409/FUL Ugh Withdrawn 2-12 Spring Gardens Road
21/02951/LBA Yes Consent Sydney Buildings

Week Commencing 6th June 2021

Application Outcome Location
21/02072/REG03 Consent 106 Haycombe Drive

Week Commencing 2nd May 2021

Application Outcome Location
20/00552/FUL Ugh Refuse Scala, Shaftesbury Road