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Watchdog Comments On Applications

Use the links below (arranged in year/application number order) to see the comments made on applications that have not yet been determined.  Only applications where Watchdog has commented are listed.  New applications where no comment has yet been prepared are on the New Ones page.

Click on the chosen application number and the Watchdog comments will display in a second window in a format that can be printed or downloaded.  Click on the location and the on-line planning documents will be displayed in the second window.  Each "Comment" link in the Outcome column will take you straight to the council's on-line comment facility if you want to make your own comment.

Where a decision has been placed on the planning file, we will show this in the "Outcome" column.  For Permit, Consent and Withdrawn outcomes the entries will remain for two weeks (the latest additions in bold, the previous week's in normal text) and then delete the entry completely to keep the list to a reasonable size.  Refusals entries will remain until the window of opportunity to appeal has expired.  Older decisions can be found on the Decisions page.

For a very quick indication we have added symbols:
 Yes = Support     Ugh = Objection     No symbol = General Comment.

Application Location Outcome
12/04317/LBA Ugh 9 Brunel Square Details
12/04319/LBA Ugh 2 Brunel Square Details
12/04950/LBA Ugh 3 Brunel Square Details
21/04147/FUL Ugh Frome House, Lower Bristol Road Refuse, 10/2/2022
Appealed 24/8/22
21/05173/LBA Ugh King William, 32 Thomas Street Details
21/05175/FUL Ugh King William, 32 Thomas Street Details
21/05176/AR Ugh King William, 32 Thomas Street Details


Footnote:  There is no practical difference between the terms Consent and Permit.  However, the Listed Building legislation uses the term Consent as does the Advertising legislation so those decision letters reflect that;  other planning applications are Permitted because that is the term used in the Town And Country Planning Act.

Some decisions require the approval of the Secretary of State.  Where a decision has been made that requires such an endorsement, the "Outcome" column will show Referred to SofS until final approval is given.


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