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Watchdog Comments On Applications

This section is provided to give the members of the Development Management Committee a direct route to the Watchdog comments for the applications on their agenda.  The comments, accessed through the link under "Application" in the table below (when present), will display in a new window in a format that can be printed or downloaded.  The link under "Location" is for the complete document set on the planning file.

Use this Full Set link to see all the Watchdog comments made on applications that have not yet been determined.

Use this Decisions link to see the weekly list of planning decisions

The function provided by the Development Management Committee for the previous Council is now provided by the Planning Committee.
Details of the membership of the Planning Committee are on the council website.


Planning Committee Date:  18 December 2019

The agenda for this meeting has now been published.
There is one item on the agenda following a site visit and six new items.
Three of the applications are in Bath. Watchdog has not commented on any of them.


Planning Committee Date:  15 January 2020

The agenda for this meeting has not yet been published.